Mission Statement

Saint Pius X Catholic School is committed to proclaiming and living the Good News of Jesus,
striving for academic excellence,
and forming exemplary leaders for church and society.
This vital mission is achieved to help students to discover their unique gifts
and develop them to their fullest potential.

Philosophy of Saint Pius X Catholic School

The religious nature of St. Pius X School consists of three interrelated facets: message, community and service. In our commitment to teach as Jesus taught, we strive to share our faith through instruction and example. The message is the point of fusion between secular education and the Gospel. Teachers at Saint Pius X School integrate Christian beliefs throughout all academic areas.  Christian principles are made manifest through the entire scope of the curriculum, as well as in non-academic activities.

The Saint Pius X School Community: priests, faculty, parents and students, in its emulation of the first Christian community, seeks to follow the maxim of Christ: “Love one another as I have loved you.”  As members of the same spiritual community, the teachers are vitally conscious of their committed role in the formation of members of the Christian community. The spirit of caring pervades their endeavors to understand the life styles and cultures of those in their Faith community. They are intensely aware of the co-responsibility they share with parents to provide the total Christian education of each child entrusted to them. With Christ as the way and the Gospel as their directive, they are Christ-oriented, not only in spirituality, but also in curriculum and social activities.

The message of Christ: “love God, love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27-29), becomes a reality through worship and service. Saint Pius X School instills in the child an awareness of Christian values that “helps the pupil toward his conscious choice of living a responsible and coherent way of life.” (T.C.S. 49) The teachers encourage students to reach out to others by providing opportunities in school, at home and in the community. A spirit of service is exemplified by priests, faculty, staff, and members of the parish.  Such faith-in-action inspires the children to be instrumental in making their world a better place.

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